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"I have a couple of these recycled sari scarves already and was surprised at how inexpensive the one I ordered was on your site . . . pleasantly surprised! Your site is easy to navigate and the checkout process was equally user-friendly. It was such a nice touch to include a handwritten note with my purchase. It really made me feel like I was buying from a local, family business (which I love supporting!) Also nice to get a personal email asking for a testimonials instead of being directed to a site; not anything wrong with automation but, again, a touch which makes an internet purchase turn into a personal shopping experience."

- Terri G.


"I was very pleased with my wooden print block, it arrived quickly and was a lovely suprise to get a piece of fabric too. I liked the personal touch with the note too, put a smile on my face! I would definately buy from you again."

- Lisa S.


"The overall experience of your site was good. My wife was delighted with the present."

- Andrew O.


"I am happy to say that I really love my recycled sari blanket.  It is beautiful, and although I am almost 30 years old, I consider it my "blankie" now. Your website is easy to use and the order shipped quickly to me.  I have recommended your site to friends and family.  I will also definitely order from you again."

- Gabrielle C.


"Everything was great and easy, and the products arrived quickly. All the presents were liked and I appreciate what you guys do!"

- Megan B.


"My new and wonderful little brass fish arrived here safe and sound today.  Again, I thank you so much for notifying me that you even had a new fish and thank you as well for wrapping it up into another beautiful piece of inspirational fabric."

- Mary H.


"Website functional, checkout a breeze, order processing and delivery a dream. I liked the items so much I just placed an order for more!"

- Lynne D.


"I am so glad to have found out about you. Site is great and I've already sent Facebook invites to my friends to check you out. Thanks again."

- Nancy G.


"I had a very positive experience with A Trade for a Trade. The merchandise I bought was beautiful. I found it was easy to use their website. I was also able to pay through Paypal which resulted in an efficient transaction. My merchandise was well packed and delivered to me in a timely fashion. I would buy from them again."

- Gabrielle K.


"I am so impressed with how you wrapped the gorgeous wooden stamps, thank you. When I'm not using the stamps, I'll place them on my shelf to display—too cute to store in a drawer."

- Vicki P.


"Just want to let you know how impressed I was with the whole process from ordering online to my package arriving soon after to outback Australia.  The personal note with the stamps was a lovely touch. Well done."

- Cate Z.


"I recently received the wood block stamps that I ordered. I also took advantage of the tutorial you have on how to use them — what a great idea! Your website has some wonderful items, your prices are very reasonable and you have fast shipping —wow — does it get any better than that? I'm glad I found A Trade For A Trade and should be back soon to make some more puchases."

- Lisa B.


"The complete experience with A Trade For A Trade was exceptional, I have nothing but complements.  Your taking the time to email me is also a sign of outstanding Customer Service, you can expect me as a repeat customer."

- Donna S.


"Thank you very much for the excellent service, I was impressed to see the amount of attention you gave a small order like mine. I'll definitely be back."

- Jeremy H.


"I LOVE my elephant stamp, it arrived in Australia safe and sound, beautifully wrapped in some lovely fabric which I am keeping in my sketchbook! I will definitely shop with A Trade For A Trade again."

- Helen W.


"It was like I was opening a little present and the handwritten note was really sweet. I found you through the Design*Sponge post and I am so happy I did. I had a fabulous time on your site and opening my package. I would definitely come back and visit again." 

- Zara G.


"Received my stamps today.  I was waiting in great anticipation and excitement and was not disappointed.  What a wonderful surprise to open the box and find a personal note from you and a sample fabric piece to give me inspiration.  I am touched and impressed and look forward to adding more stamps and product from your web site to my craft room. The stamps are exquisite! Thank you so much for making it an all round fun experience."

- Sandy H.


"Thanks for your follow up e-mail. I appreciate the personal touch. I also liked the handwritten note and fabric it was wrapped it, just another way that made ordering from "A Trade for A Trade" feel like a neighborhood store rather than an anonymous website. Thanks for the experience!"

 - Saadia A.


"Just wanted to tell you that I received my stamps today. Not only are they beautifully packaged but the stamps themselves are amazing. I have other wood block stamps (also from India, also handmade) which are not nearly as nice as these. The level of detail is astonishing in the mini peacock stamp." 

- Priya P.


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